5 TYPES Of Men You Should Never Marry

5 TYPES Of Men You Should Never Marry

They say that marriage is not for the faint-hearted. But then, marriage is sweet if only one chooses the right partner but it can also be a hell if one makes a mistake of choosing a monster as their life partner.

While some men are heaven sent, some can give you a hard time in marriage and you should thus be very keen when choosing the man to marry. Be very careful and never make a mistake of marrying these five types of men;

A Violent Man

It is very sad that even in the 21st century, some women marry violent men and even stick in those violent marriages in the name of love. If he is violent, do not be deceived that he will change.

Lazy Man

Some men are too lazy to be married. If he is lazy, how will he feed your family? A lazy man deserves to live alone so that his laziness does not affect others.

The Flirt

If he is the type of man who flirts with each and every girl, do not make the mistake of marrying him. He will give you ulcers and not even marriage is likely to change him.

Mr Always Right

This type of man knows everything and he never listens. When corrected, he gets angry and at times violent. If a man thinks that you have nothing to offer and he cannot take your ideas, then he has no respect for you and you should never marry such a man.

Negative Type

Some men feel threatened by smart women and will do anything to pull you down. Such men will tell you of how you cannot succeed just because they fear you will be better than them financially. If he loves you, he should not feel threatened even if you earn more than him. Again, never marry this kind of a man

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